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At Moving Consultants, we want you to benefit from our years of experience within the moving industry. We are dedicated to customer care and helping you to achieve a seamless and stress free move. We are an online based company with a team who are ready to help you.

In the past, you may have checked the phone book to try to find a moving company if you were planning on moving. These days, there seems to be so many different companies, it can be hard to spot the ones who offer a great service, or avoid those who will end up causing you even more stress. Fortunately, Moving Consultants is here to help. We provide access to a selection of moving companies, who all have an unrivaled reputation for delivering excellent customer service. Whether you are planning a commercial or home move, or if you have delicate items such as artwork or instruments, we can match you with a company who has the experience and expertise to help.

Our process is straightforward. We assess the unique requirements of your move and use our expertise to determine which companies could provide you with the best possible service. This removes the need for dozens of phone calls and dubious guesswork. You can have total assurance that we only match our clients with companies who will provide a high standard of service and will help facilitate a smooth and stress free move.

At Moving Consultants, we appreciate that moving can be a very daunting process. Not only do you have all the paperwork and administration of organizing your new property, but you also have to place your trust in a moving company who will relocate your entire life. Why take a risk? Why not allow the experts at Moving Consultants to help you to find the best moving company to start your new life off with a stress free experience.

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