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What You Need Before Hiring A Moving Company


Moving quotes are the information you provide a moving company in order for them to prepare the best services to help you out. There are three kinds of moving services, rental truck, self-service movers and professional service moving companies. Truck rental is availing to rent a truck so you can load your belongings and unload it to your new home. The loading, unloading and driving is up to you. Self-service movers, you got a truck and a driver. You cover the loading and unloading part. It would be advisable to have someone accompany the driver along the trip for security measures. Professional full service comes with the moving company doing everything. They will take care of packing, loading, driving and unloading. A quote contains what services you want to avail, including the address of your new home, estimated weight of all of your belongings and more.

How much does moving services cost?

Most moving companies have moving cost calculator on their website. These calculators require you to fill up information like the address of your old home to your new home. You can either put up the zip code or the city. To be more accurate, write the full address. You are also required to fill up what packing services you want, the date you want to move and move size. This is a handy tool and these calculators are accurate. But it would be best if you speak to a real person or customer service representative via phone or personally. That way, you can confirm if the amount calculated is accurate.

Moving Companies Quotes – Be aware of Scammers

There is no denying that there have been several crimes of robbers pretending to be moving companies in order to gain temporary access to your belongings and take it with them. You have to watch out for these types of modus because we are talking about your most valued possessions. So an important reminder to everyone, hire an efficient and trustworthy company. Don’t be fooled by positive comments online. Talk to people and if you did search the internet for a company, make sure to check the company’s background. Do they have their own office? How long have they been in business? Gather as much information before making the deal. Don’t give your moving companies quotes to the wrong person.

Helpful Tips

In my experience, I recommend hiring a truck rental or self-service movers. You can also get moving companies quotes for them. The packing, loading and unloading part is really easy. You can do that yourself with a little help. Also, pack up early on, at least one week before moving. Keep it smart and simple.