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General Tips in Making the Workload Lighter!

So, finally you got the keys to your new home but still it’s problematic on how you would move your belongings? Don’t worry. We got your back! Here are some tips on packing–from the extras to the most prized possessions!

Plan and Strategize as Early as Possible.


First, start as early as possible so that you won’t come running and looking for the things you need to pack together on the last minute. This is the best initial plan to do upon moving to a new home. Packing to move may look easy but it is not, if not strategized properly.

Second, ask yourself questions such as: “Do I still need every item in here when I move out?” For if not, you may do projects such as a garage sale or a donation of your old items.

Third, you should identify the materials to use for packing. This is important because moving does not always mean that you need to buy new materials such as boxes. Recycled ones would do. You can use boxes from the recently-bought appliances (such as microwave over) for the things that you need to put together, such as papers, notebooks or textbooks. Meanwhile, you should be careful as well in identifying when not to use boxes. For example, if you are planning to move your favorite pink drawer to your new home, then just leave it alone and move the whole drawer to your new bedroom.

Finally, save enough space or a room, preferably where you can keep all your packages. Put a label and assign a corresponding number for each box in the room.

Categorize and Make a “Packing To Move” List.

Realize that you may have to categorize. Thus, it is a good idea that you take down notes. You may construct list for your things and label them. For example, you may separate items according to their specific levels of relevance. In this case, list down what to keep give, donate, or sell. You may also list things that are supposed to be in your bedroom, living room or kitchen. It is also recommended to take note of the boxes that you have already prepared to move out. Packing to move must require one to be organized, indeed!

Get Some Help When Necessary.

Asking assistance from other people won’t make you a weakling! If the things that you need to move are not manageable anymore and it is taking too much of your time–that you think you cannot handle it alone by yourself, then ask help from people who are close to you such as friends and family members. Also, if you are to move something heavy and at the same time fragile, you may then look for a professional support to make packing to move lighter. Get the necessary help that you need!